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Harnessing Positive Vibes: 100+ Protect Your Energy Quotes!

March 28, 2024 | by Ved


In this constantly changing world full of stress and differences, it’s important to take time to protect your energy.

Know that taking time out for yourself is essential for your emotional and mental self.

protect your energy quotes

Whether you’re dealing with a challenging day, or just seeking a daily dose of inspiration to keep your vibes high, these quotes are here to help you fortify your inner peace.

Let’s get started and let the world know, “I’m in charge of my energy, and I choose positivity!”

protect your energy quotes

Protect your energy quotes

Fuel your spirit and fend off negativity with these protective energy quotes.

Here are some energy healing quotes or energy vampires quotes:

  1. “Your energy is your greatest currency. Spend it wisely.”
  2. “Protect your peace, get rid of toxicity, cleanse your space, cultivate love.”
  3. “Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”
  4. “Don’t let anyone or anything drain your positive energy.”
  5. “Your energy is your most valuable asset. Protect it.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and let life happen.” – Kody Keplinger
  2. “Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.”
  3. “Your energy is contagious, either you affect people or you infect them.”
  4. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”
  5. “Don’t waste your energy trying to change opinions. Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.” – Tina Fey
protect your energy quotes

Energy protect your peace quotes

Quotes that act as your armor, shielding your energy from life’s challenges.

Here are some negative energy quotes or protect your energy quotes:

  1. “Your energy is your most valuable resource. Manage it wisely.”
  2. “Protect your energy, it’s a valuable commodity.”
  3. “Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul.”
  4. “Positive energy is attracted to positive energy.” – Deborah Day
  5. “What you stay focused on will grow.” – Roy T. Bennett
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Protect your energy from those who are not concerned about protecting theirs.”
  2. “Protect your energy from people who are only looking for ways to drain you.”
  3. “Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.” – Alex Elle
  4. “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” – Albert Einstein
  5. “Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.”
protect your energy quotes

Vibe protect your energy quotes

Discover a reservoir of inspiration in quotes that nurture and defend your inner energy.

Here are some positive energy quotes or quote about energy:

  1. “You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” – Joel Osteen
  2. “Stay away from people who drain your energy.”
  3. “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs
  4. “Your energy is your essence, protect it.”
  5. “The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Your energy speaks volumes without a word.”
  2. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn
  3. “Protect your energy and only give access to those who deserve it.”
  4. “Your energy is your greatest asset. Use it wisely.”
  5. “You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.” – Jim Rohn
protect your energy quotes

Protect your energy quote

Guard your positivity fortress with these empowering energy quotes.

Here are some quotes about bad energy or quotes about energy:

  1. “Guard your energy like it’s the last thing you own.”
  2. “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”
  3. “Protect your energy as if your life depends on it.”
  4. “Your energy is your life force. Protect it.”
  5. “Protect your energy, it’s a limited resource.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Your energy determines your reality.”
  2. “Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away.”
  3. “Your energy flows where your attention goes.”
  4. “Protect your energy from people who constantly pull you into their drama.”
  5. “Your energy is your superpower. Protect it.”
protect your energy quotes

Quotes about protecting your energy

Elevate your vibes and create an energy force field with these insightful quotes.

Here are some quotes about negative energy or quotes about positive energy:

  1. “Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you believe that you too can become great.” – Mark Twain
  2. “Don’t let anyone steal your joy.”
  3. “Your energy is precious. Don’t waste it on things that don’t nourish your soul.”
  4. “Protect your energy from anyone who is not ready to grow with you.”
  5. “Your energy is your gift to the world. Make it positive.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.” – Paulo Coelho
  2. “Protect your energy from people who don’t value theirs.”
  3. “Energy is the currency of the universe. When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you buy that experience.” – Emily Maroutian
  4. “Protect your energy from people who don’t appreciate it.”
  5. “Your energy is your essence. Protect it at all costs.”
protect your energy quotes

Protect my peace quotes

Inspirational energy quotes that are your secret weapon against negativity.

Here are some quotes for energy or quotes on energy:

  1. “Become more aware of what’s really with your energy.”
  2. “You don’t have to be the sun for the people who don’t appreciate your light.” – Kavya Dixit
  3. “Protect your energy. Be mindful who can access you.”
  4. “Stay grounded. Protect your energy. Vibrate higher.”
  5. “Being selective about who gets your energy is self care.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Be picky about vibes. Be picky about the energy you surround yourself with. You owe yourself that much.”
  2. “Don’t entertain negative energy.”
  3. “Don’t feed what doesn’t add value to your life. Protect your energy.”
  4. “Protect your energy like you protect our edges.”
  5. “You can be good person with a kind spirit and still tell people to fuck off when needed.”
protect your energy quotes

Protect your peace quotes

Unleash the power within you and protect your energy with these transformative quotes.

Here are some spiritual words for energy or protect your energy quotes:

  1. “Remember that everyone doesn’t need access to you.”
  2. “Don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they are a good tenant.”
  3. “Stop sacrificing your own happiness to make others happy.”
  4. “Fasting people is also important.”
  5. “Oversharing is how you leak energy. Privacy is protection.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “Protect yourself from the energy that destroys your peace.”
  2. “Never forget that access to your energy is a privilege.”
  3. “Always say ‘my peace is important’ when you find yourself reacting to something that doesn’t deserve your energy.”
  4. “Protect your energy by keeping your circle small and your life private.”
  5. “Protect your energy. Your vibe is a gift and isn’t meant for everybody.”
protect your energy quotes

Protecting my peace quotes

Quotes that are more than words—they’re your energy’s best bodyguards.

Here are some protect your energy quotes or energy protect your peace quotes:

  1. “I’d be scared of my potential too.”
  2. “Don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe, create, trust, grow and heal.”
  3. “When you notice your vibe deteriorating around ceratin person, get the fuck outta there as quickly and compassionately as you can. Your energy is a priority. Protect the shit out of it.”
  4. “Don’t lose that spark that makes you YOU.”
  5. “She is a walking miracle, healing from her past, protecting her heart, focussing on herself.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “It’s time to learn how to be the gatekeeper of your own time and energy.”
  2. “Your anxiety acts up around certain people because their energy disturbs your spirit.”
  3. “Surround yourself with energy that protects your energy.”
  4. “Be selective. Protect your time. Not everything that calls your name is for you.”
  5. “Your energy is sacred.”
protect your energy quotes

Protect your energy quotes

Defend your inner light with these motivational energy quotes.

Here are some vibe protect your energy quotes or protect your energy quote:

  1. “Energy is honest. I can feel you way before I hear you.”
  2. “Guard your personal energy for yourself, don’t let energy suckers around you steal your peace.”
  3. “Know the difference between those that come to feed the soil and those that come to grab the fruit.”
  4. “Stop responding to people who want your energy in exchange for nothing.”
  5. “Gotta stop letting people who are at war with themselves destroy your energy.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “I don’t match energy, I maintain mine so I can attract what aligns.”
  2. “Be mindful of who you let touch you. Energy transfer is real.”
  3. “Never be afraid to protect your energy, there’s a reason you don’t see the MOON every night.”
  4. “You can feel when someone isn’t being real with you. Energy never lies.”
  5. “Tune into your good energy.”
protect your energy quotes

Energy protect your peace quotes

Quotes that not only inspire but also empower you to protect and radiate positive energy.

Here are some quotes about protecting your energy or protect your energy quotes:

  1. “I no longer force things. What flows, flows. Hat crashes, crashes. I only have space and energy for things that are meant for me.”
  2. “I am too magical for your bullshit.”
  3. “I’m so protective of myself now. I’ll cut someone off for simply having the wrong energy.”
  4. “Start respecting your energy, and stop chasing people who don’t resonate with you.”
  5. “Protect your energy and your peace! Cut out the people who don’t serve and drain you.”
protect your energy quotes
  1. “You can’t force vibes. Chill and let shit fall in line naturally.”
  2. “Sorry I can’t, I am too busy and the vibes are off.”
  3. “Your worth is not up for negotiations.”
  4. “Protect your energy. Life gets a lot easier when you gain the strength to ignore certain things.”
  5. “You’ll never get ahead if you stop to address every little thing that’s said. Protect your energy.”

What is protecting your energy?

Protecting your energy involves actively managing and preserving your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. It means being mindful of the people, environments, and activities that drain or replenish your energy. 

This can include setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and engaging in activities that nourish and rejuvenate you. By protecting your energy, you prioritize your overall health and happiness, enabling you to navigate life with greater resilience and positivity.

How do you protect your energy quotes?

“Guard your energy like it’s the most precious currency in the world. Surround yourself with positivity, boundaries, and self-care, and watch your life flourish.”

What is a spiritual quote about energy?

“The energy you give out in the world is the energy you attract. Choose positivity, love, and light, and watch the universe respond in kind.”


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